Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Diet for abs: Science shows why it is so hard to go

Those who are looking for a diet for abs should learn from science researchers not television celebrates, it is clear from recent scientific information that there is really only one way to get a flat stomach. With the obesity crisis in full effect studies are showing that there are more people overweight than at any time in United States history, in fact, Australia,,Canada and England are also experiencing record levels of obesity. If you are seeking a diet for abs (short for abdominal) you should be informed that research from a major University revealed that it is in fact inflammation involved with excess stomach weight.

Stomach fat is not just what you see bulging beyond your belt, fat is deep in the abdominal and this is where much inner damage occurs. It is in fact inflammation involved in causing  fat to stay on the belly. 

Inflammation from food chemicals (processed foods) are linked to stubborn belly fats. A diet for abs must reverse inflammation or the belly become flat even with exercise. We have all witnessed people in good shape but they still do not have a flat stomach. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine revelaed the role of inflammation in the process. 

Visceral fat is deeper inside the abdomen, surrounding internal organs. It is the visceral fat that secretes IL-6, strongly suggesting a mechanistic link to systemic inflammation.

Professor Luigi Fontana and colleague

Nowadays, it’s clear that atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease. There also is evidence that inflammation plays a role in cancer, and there is even evidence that it plays a role in aging. Someday we may learn that visceral fat is involved in those things, too.” stated Fontana

A diet for abs must address inflammation and this is what almost all diets do not address. There are very few diets that have any real effect on inflammation, dieting very rarely removes any stomach fat; today it is very common to see thin people who still have significant stomach fat. Belly fat is a problem and is not going away until the inflammation is addressed.

Researchers showed how overweight people lost belly fat to get a flat stomach

People without diabetes lost belly fat quick when they used a diabetes style diet, the reason this causes the reversal of stomach fat is due to the fact that the diabetic styled diet reversed insulin resistance and inflammation even in people without diabetes. A Diabetic style diet reverses inflammation and the stomach became flat, this is what most diets cannot do.

This is not a simple sugar free diet, in fact, the people who lost the most weight did have sugar but the key was that the diabetic style diet reversed inflammatory fat.

The diabetic style diet caused people with or without diabetes who could previously not drop the excessive fat to experience fast and natural loss of fat.


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