Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I really need to lose 20 pounds, what really worked

We received an email from a reader in England “ I really need to lose 20 pounds”, in this post you will see that there is a way to drop the excessive fat in a healthy way. Sadly many people resort to different diet tricks that never work, in addition, there are celebrities that promote many different diets that do nothing to causes any real lasting loss of bodyweight. If you are like this woman in England and really need to lose 20 pounds this post will explain the secret to dropping excess bodyweight.

Inflammation is the number one hinders to weight loss today, there are over 100 million people in the United States who suffers from inflammatory obesity due to processed foods. Inflammation is a major factor in a number of our modern day illnesses, tissue inflammation is related to heart disease and weight gain. Research indicates that poor-quality sleep -- and waking too early in particular--is associated with increased inflammation among women with heart disease. There was no similar association found for men, suggesting that women with heart disease and sleep problems may be at particular risk for inflammation that can be damaging to the heart. Inflammation is also the number one reason people do not lose weight with dieting, those who really need to lose 20 pounds must address inflammation. Reversing inflammation related weight gain is the fastest way to lose weight.

The inflammation connection

Harvard University studied the effects of inflammation on weight gain and concluded that inflammation and obesity are directly related

Departments of Genetics and Complex Diseases and Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health stated “Obesity itself results in an inflammatory state in metabolic tissues “

Addressing inflammation is the key to fast and permanent weight loss, this is what most diets do not address.  desperate to lose 10 pounds

How researchers reversed inflammation and caused weight loss
Researchers in Europe showed that a diet which was originally formulated for diabetics causes people without diabetes to lose weight by reversing inflammation. A diabetic styled diet is the key yo weight loss for those who really need to lose 20 pounds, a diabetic style diet has been proven to reverse inflammation. Mario Kratz, PhD, a researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center revealed that it is in fact inflammation behind weight gain and diabetes
That strongly suggests it’s the inflammation response that causes insulin resistance, not just the fat itself,” Kratz says. “It’s totally a paradigm shift. Now it seems pretty clear that inflammation plays a major role in the development of insulin resistance.” It is clear that a diabetic style diet reverses this inflammation and this is why people without diabetes lose weight.

A Diabetic style diet reverses inflammation and the stomach became flat, this is what most diets cannot do. This is not a simple sugar free diet, in fact, the people who lost the most weight did have sugar but the key was that the diabetic style diet reversed inflammatory fat. The diabetic style diet caused people with or without diabetes who could previously not drop the excessive fat to experience fast and natural loss of fat.


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