Thursday, August 1, 2013

I need to lose weight, why most diets fail

“I really need to lose weight” was the comment that we received yesterday from one of our thousands of readers, researchers in Europe have revealed scientifically why dieting does not work today. Despite the fact that there are more people dieting today than at any time in our health department records we still have a full obesity crisis. A recent study which was revealed on the Los Angeles Times showed that diet and exercise are simply not working for the majority of us. If you are one of the thousands complaining “ I need to lose weight” this post will explain why losing body fat is not the same as it was 50 years ago.

Inflammatory body fat

Today, we have millions of people who suffer from inflammatory illnesses and this is also why people are not dropping the body fat, we are dieting and eating low fat but the pounds are not coming off. Inflammation is why we are overweight. The introduction of processed foods have caused the obesity and diabetes explosion, a simple diet will not reverse inflammation related body fat. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study an showed that it is in fact inflammation that effects hormones leading to obesity and diabetes. Inflammation causes a number of hormones to rise and fall leasing to difficulty in dropped excess fat.

In humans, plasma adiponectin concentrations fall with increasing obesity, and this effect is greater in men than in women. Reduced adiponectin concentrations correlate with insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia:

In conclusion: Inflammation today causes hormones to go “out of wack” ,the body will hold fat.

Processed foods are know to genetically effect hormones leading to obesity and diabetes, It should be noted that the comment from our reader “I need to lose weight” was coming from a women who had tried over 40 different diets without losing any significant body fat. Most people pick diets based on TV commercials and celebrities endorsements but this is not a scientifically proven way to lose excess body fat.

How to drop body fat today

Due to the prevalence of processed foods our cells have been altered, we can now genetically pass obesity to our children, a simple celebrity diet is not going to cut it, until you address the inflammation which we all suffer with today the weight will not come off. When researchers in Denmark tried a diabetic style diet created to reverse inflammation and insulin resistance in people without diabetes all lose significant fat.

Why would a diabetic style diet work on people without diabetes?

Researchers have know for over 50 years that a diabetic style diet caused weight loss in overweight diabetics but no one thought to try it on people without diabetes. Thousands of people who reversed inflammation from processed foods and lost body fat is proof that addressing inflammation from our horrible processed foods today causes weight loss. To the thousands of people saying “ I need to lose weight”, the answer does not come from celebrities but from science, reverse the inflammation that our polluted and processed foods create today and the body fat is dropped.

Do as the Swedish and you will be thin quickly

The Swedish have the number one based weight loss diet in the world. You eat good fats in combination with other foods and get very thin. This diet was original based on a diabetic diet but now it is for people without diabetes. Combining the right foods is the secret to the Swedish diet and is now used in 10 countries

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