Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good insulin is the key when Trying to Lose Weight

Those who are trying to lose weight should be aware that it is your good and powerful insulin that keeps fat off the body. A recent University study has revealed what doctors have been stating for a very long time, obesity and diabetes are signs that your cells are not responding to your good insulin, this is what is known as insulin resistance. It is important to understand how adults, teens and children are now all affected; insulin resistance is causing fat on the belly. Those who are trying to lose weight should know that researchers have proven once again by testing children that your bodies insulin is the key to all fat loss.

Children reveal why we can't drop the fat

Researchers in Europe decided to study children to test how our insulin keeps us thin or fat. In healthy people insulin carries sugar into the cells causing energy and a thin body, thin people have a great supply of insulin working to keep them thin, their sugar(glucose) goes into their cells causing super energy. The study in children revealed what has already been proven in numerous of studies, overweight people have cells that reject the insulin, these cells are “resistant” to insulin!

Study: Over 25% of 5 year old's already have insulin resistant cells!

The researchers from the EarlyBird research project,stated that five-year-old girls are showing early warning signs of diabetes due to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. One expert said that the youngsters may have already 'lit the fuse' which could lead to diabetes, a stroke or heart attack later in life.

The study of 300 youngsters in Plymouth found that 26 per cent of girls were overweight and showing signs of developing a resistance to insulin - a hormone essential for the body to absorb glucose from food and turn it into energy.
A 'close correlation' between obesity and insulin resistance emerged - the heavier the child, the greater the resistance.

Professor Terence Wilkin, who is leading the EarlyBird research project, said:

“These are all healthy, normal children, but we believe the fuse leading to the dynamite that could explode later in life in the form of diabetes, a stroke or heart attack is already burning by the age of five” What this means is that many people are NOT diabetic but already have cells that are not absorbing the glucose from the insulin, if you are trying to lose weight this is crucial information.

We are basically an insulin resistance people today, processed foods have killed our good insulin, our children cannot lose weight because their cells are already set up to fail.

Those who are simply trying to lose weight must reverse insulin resistance. When doctors used a diabetic diet created for diabetic on people “with” or “without” diabetes everyone lost weight and belly fat because insulin resistance was reversed. This diet is used in over 17 countries because it works.

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